JK Institute Of Pharmacy

chairman The Indian pharmaceutical industry at $6.5 p y billion and growing at 8-10% annually, is the4th largest pharmaceutical industry in the world and is expected to be worth $14 billion world, by 2010. Its exports are over $2billion. India is among the top five bulk drug makers and at home, the local industry has edged out the Multi-National companies whose share of 75% in the market is down to 35%. Trade of medicinal plants has crossed $ 900M already. There are 170 biotechnology companies in India, involved in the development and manufacture of genomic drugs, whose business is growing exponentially. Sequencing genes and delivering genomic information for big Pharmaceutical companies is the next boom industry in India. India is also adorned by industry who are involved Insurance BPOs & Clinical Research in Health Insurance, including Clinical Trial, BA/BE studies, PK Studies, Data management, Pharmacovigilence.


  • Atul Garg

    J K institute of Pharmacy aims to become a center of excellence in providing high quality educatio